Market Brajda

address: Brajda 8A
Period: Historicism
Kind: Immovable material heritage
Century: 19
Year: 1896
Purpose: business

The market Brajda was designed by Giacomo Zammatio in 1895 as a municipal part of the new city district. The floor of the market was intended for public activities, while the spatial square around the pavilion was intended for the open market.

The space was restored several times, but the decorations have been preserved: stone plastics, red-yellow brick and wrought iron articles in their original shape.

The building was designed in neo-Renaissance style with the main entrance and two side entrances. On the main façade, there is a prominent wrought iron grate and a relief old coat of arms of Rijeka above the stone architrave.

On this example, Zammatio successfully merged the aesthetics of architecture of historic styles and the functionality of the space.



The market is not included in the Register in the List of protected Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia. 


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