About us




The project of digitalisation of cultural heritage in the city of Rijeka was initiated by the Office for the Protection of Cultural Goods, Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka and the University of Rijeka Centre for Industrial Heritage.
The idea behind the project is to create a platform for entering data about cultural heritage of Rijeka, based on scientific research, but written in a style adjusted to everyday user. The goal is to gather data about the overall cultural heritage of the city in one place so the data would be available, and simultaneously adapted to various users. This database is also devised as basis for creating various mobile applications and signalization in the city.

Coordinator/Project Contractor: Centre for Industrial Heritage, University of Rijeka 

Project manager: Ivana Golob

Ordering Party: Grad Rijeka

Texts: Ema Aničić, monography Rijekas Industrial Past (2014, Publisher City Museum of Rijeka)

Proofreading and translation: Jana Kegalj

Photographs: Kristijan Vučković

Design: Ljiljana Brusić

Application development: Hrvoje Hudoletnjak

Design implementation: Ivana Đukić

Visual identity: Filip Badurina

Technical support: Kristina Pandža and Ivana Lučić

Partners: the City of Rijeka Museum, State Archives in Rijeka, Conservatory Department in Rijeka, the City of Rijeka, Damir Zec, Luka Aničić, Marija Lazanja Dušević