Main Post Office Palace

address: 13 Korzo
Period: Historicism
Kind: Immovable material heritage
Century: 19
Year: 1887
Purpose: residental business

The building of the Croatian Post Office, the so called Main Post Office, was built in 1887 as an administrative-residential-business edifice of the Royal Hungarian Financial Administration. It was commissioned by the Royal Governorate, but the author of the project is unknown. The construction works were performed by the company Burger & Matković from Rijeka. 

According to the designs from 1887, the elite first floor contained the Royal Hungarian Financial Administration and a large telegraphic office where many clerks performed their job manually. The second floor accommodated the offices of the Rijeka governor, the Port Construction Office and the Tax Office, while the third floor was used as residence of managers and the highest clerks. The interior was redecorated on many occasions owing to reorganization and modernization of business.

The palace of the Post is a massive, neo-Renaissance, cube-shaped historicistic building, with rustically arranged base and a rectangular internal gallery yard. The only decoration on the outer face of the palace is the garlands immediately under the roof. At the beginning of the 20th century, modern, Art Nuveau glass shades on iron consoles were placed over the entrances to the western ground floor, and new wooden counter paravans were added in the interior. In 1969, the artist Edo Murtić placed his coloristically expressive vault mosaics in the interior.



The building is not a monument of culture, but it is situated within a protected zone. Today, the building contains the rooms of the Croatian Post Office.



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